Retail Teeth Whitening Start-Up Package

The Retail Teeth Whitening Start-Up Package  is ideal for stores and individuals. Teeth whitening is the perfect up-sell for customers looking to enhance their looks! Some of our clients have sold over 650 treatments in ONE DAY using group buying sites!

Each kit uses our Generic Professional Line, ready-to-use products and marketing materials.
Customization is available! Add YOUR BRAND to almost ANYTHING on our site*.
Contact us today and speak with one of our Custom Printing Specialists.

Package Includes 100 Kits:

  • 100 X PRO Single Teeth Whitening Pen Box
  • 100 X Whitening Pens
  • 100 X PRO Pillow Box Take-Home Bi-Fold Insert
  • 100 X Pillow Boxes
  • 200 X Whitening Syringes 3ml
  • 200 X Thermoform CUSTOM Teeth Whitening Trays
  • 100 X Retainer Case (Large)
  • 100 X Mini LED Whitening Lights
  • 1 X PRO Poster (Medium)
  • 1 X Assembly

Also Available: Mobile Start-Up Package, Spa/Salon Start-up Package and Dental Office Start-Up Package.

*MQO and 50% deposit required to begin custom artwork; remaining 50% due once creative is approved to your satisfaction

BONUS! Receive a $50 Store Credit with purchase.

Valid towards ANYTHING in the store. Credit will be automatically applied to your account to use towards a future order.

Wholesale pricing available:

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