THE IMPORTANCE OF PRE BLEACHING One of the most common complaints about teeth whitening is dentinal hypersensitivity after whitening The reason for this is simple: the teeth whitening gels de-hydrate the enamel, so when the teeth re-hydrate naturally in the first 24 hours some people can have sensitivity WHITERx Pre whitening swabs are quite innovative
BLACKOUT COCO There are many cheap charcoal activated powders on the market and then there is BLACKOUT COCO. If you want the safest all natural charcoal powder that exists on the market, BLACKOUT COCO is your ultimate choice. Not all powders are created equal. Pure Image Canada blackout coco activated charcoal for brushing your teeth
HOW TO START A TEETH WHITENING BUSINESS If you love making people smile, this is the business for you!Cosmetic teeth whitening has been around for decades but only recently has it become more affordable due to the influx of cosmetic dental bleaching products on the market.Choosing the right teeth whitening gels, LED laser accelerator light,