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Pure Image is a cosmetic teeth whitening company. That’s all we do and the results speak for themselves.

Teeth bleaching containing peroxide has been used safely and effectively for over a decade. It is a safe and effective treatment that leads to beautiful white teeth!

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  • Our gels are non-abrasive to the enamel
  • Peroxide is encapsulated untill it activates on contact with enamel
  • A first in North America

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Advanced Teeth Whitening

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York Region

I had my braces removed a year ago and wanted my teeth their whitest. I did 2-20 minute Pure Image Treatments and the results were AMAZING, 6 shades whiter in 40 minutes! WOW PURE IMAGE TEETH WHITENING!


All I can say is WOW! I look and feel fantastic with my new white smile. It was completley safe and relaxing. I sat back and watched TV throughout the whole treatment. This was just a great experience that others should really try.

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Pure Image Whiterx

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Ask About Our Pure Image Whiterx

Luxe24K GOLD

The concept is simple-if one whitening gel works well, two will perform better and faster.

a Teeth Whitening Business?

Pure Image can help your
business grow!

So, what is going to introduce a new wave of
clients and retain existing ones?

What if our experts informed you that you already possess all the components necessary to help your business flourish. The only missing ingredient is a partner that can help you expand. You already have professional staff, consumers, furniture, licenses, and a location.

All you require is the right training and a system
adapted to your cosmetic business.

Grow your spa & salon sales revenues by thousands of dollars per year!

We research, develop and test different formulations
year-round in our quest to continually improve what
are already considered to be some of the best products
on the market.

Our brand is recognized and respected worldwide, and if it’s your brand you want, we can help you make yours a household name too. Choosing the right teeth whitening gels and LED laser accelerator light, as well as proper training, is essential to the success of your business.

Teeth whitening is non-invasive & perfectly safe
when administered by a trained representative.

We offer dedicated training for advanced teeth whitening. Our programs include comprehensive materials and simple to understand processes and checklists.

the Best Part?

You don’t need to
be a dentist!

We’ve Made Starting a Teeth
Whitening Business Extremely Easy!

Pure image headquarters is located in Montreal Quebec Canada with a satellite office in Boca Raton Florida USA.
Our solutions are supplies offered globally. We ship worldwide!

Contact us today for a free consultation on starting your teeth whitening business or adding Pure Image products to your existing teeth whitening business, with the best, highest quality supplies on the market.

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Due to the hygienic nature of our products , please note all sales are final.

Should you have any issue with your order please contact us , customer service and 7 day a week communication is available to serve you .


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