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WELCOME to your resource for all your teeth whitening business needs! As your wholesale teeth whitening supplier, our goal is for you to be successful. Please contact us and let us know what we can do to help your business run smoothly and profitably.

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Increase your spa & salon revenues by thousands of dollars per year! As an affiliated partner, we will provide advertising, support, and necessary tools to sell teeth whitening products, at no cost to you.

Because teeth whitening is a cosmetic (beauty) service, it’s a perfect match for spas, salons, and any beauty industry boutique. You already have most of the elements you need for a successful teeth whitening business–you have professional staff, loyal, customers, chairs, a business license, and a location. All you need is the right training and the right professional Pure Image teeth whitening system and you’ll be ready to capitalize on a service that is in high demand and highly profitable.

We tell it like it is: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We know of no one else in the industry that is as transparent. Try speaking with us, you will see!

We are a leading wholesale teeth whitening supplier because our products give the best results. We are so sure of the efficacy of our products that we encourage you to try our products and compare them with the competition, and to buy from whoever gives you the best results. None of our competitors will tell you to try our products and compare them with theirs. You will need referrals from your customers in order to be successful, and the only way to get referrals is by giving your customers results they love.

We are affiliated with the leading worldwide, globally recognized researcher and developer in teeth whitening products . We research, develop, and test different formulations year-round in our quest to continually improve what are already considered to be some of the best teeth whitening products in the market.
Our brand is recognized and respected worldwide, and if you want to promote your own brand, we can help you make yours a household name too.
Our whitening gels are superior to any whitening gel on the market, bar none. Our gels are ONLY made in our exclusive FDA certified USA & Canadian lab facilities and are recognized by Health Canada as cosmetic teeth whitening products. The results speak for themselves.

We are certainly not the cheapest, but our wholesale prices are super competitive and our teeth whitening products are of the highest quality in every dimension, thus providing you and your customers with the best possible value. The golden business rule: you get what you pay for, and we stand behind our products.

Teeth whitening gels are NOT all created alike. If you want to be successful and keep your customers coming back, Pure Image whitening gels are the solution for excellent results and continuity in this business.

Only Pure Image wholesale customers have access to our exclusive patented WHITERx Pre Whitening Swabs. This product will deliver even more exceptional teeth whitening results and better serve your customers and your business.

We invented the 24K GOLD DUO BARREL GEL, speak to us about adding this exclusive gel to your services

More and more consumers are beginning to recognize the Pure Image brand. They are asking for Pure Image home whitening products and for the Pure Image system when they want professional whitening. You can use this brand recognition to your own benefit. We also have a large number of appealing print marketing materials to help you get the word out. We can even customize the marketing materials with your own brand if you prefer.

We work hard to deliver top-notch customer service to our wholesale business customers. We will spend the time to thoroughly answer all your questions and educate you about the industry. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us as your supplier and we will put forth the effort to earn your trust. No one else will spend the time to educate and teach you all we know through our years of experience to help you achieve success in your teeth whitening business. Our team of whitening experts are at your service.

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We have three standard teeth whitening packages for salon and spas. We can also customize any of the packages for you. Just let us know what you’re thinking and feel free to pick our brains! We are the teeth whitening experts, after all.


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