Brighten Your Smile in Just a Few Minutes Using The Power of Gold

And Our Easy-to-Use Whitening System!

Looking to brighten your smile in a short-period of time and with long lasting results?

Now you can whiten your teeth professionally at home using the most luxurious product on the market. Finally, you can get the most desired teeth whitening treatment without going to a Spa or Dentist!

PureImage Canada, a company specialized in cosmetic teeth whitening, is now offering professional grade products, previously only available for sale to dentists and cosmetic experts.

Easily eliminate teeth stains and brighten your smile at home with our Pure Image Perfect Fit Whitening System, which includes our exclusive water-based gel formula: Pure Image Advanced 35% CP LUXE 24K GOLD Teeth Whitening Gel.

The Pure Image Perfect Fit Whitening System is a complete DIY kit, with everything you need to easily get a professional whiter and brighter smile in the convenience of your home!

Your all-in-one kit includes:

How easy is this teeth whitening process?​ Brightening your smile has never been easier!​

What makes this gel so special?

It's Gold Baby,

The Pure Image Advanced 35% CP LUXE 24K GOLD Teeth Whitening Gel recipe uses real gold karats- yes, you read correctly, real gold- an element widely used for cosmetic dental care. Gold is the most biocompatible mineral on earth! Each whitening gel syringe included in your kit contains approximately 0.06 Carats of 24K Gold LED Light Activated Nanoparticles, which boosts whitening results! Better yet, these “karats” also rehydrate and remineralize tooth enamel. No wonder this glam product has gained such popularity amongst celebrities and is now a favorite of the rich and famous.

The benefits

The Pure Image Advanced 35% CP LUXE 24K GOLD Teeth Whitening Gel’s most remarkable characteristics are:

Other benefits from using our exclusive gel formula

The most gentle gel of it's type, ideal for sensitive teeth and gums.

Contains bacteriostatic properties that help control oil bacteria.

Removes nicotine, coffee, soda, and wine stains while maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Restricts tooth plaque formation.

Prevents cavities and protects tooth enamel.

Safe for caps, crowns, and veneers.

Our customers are happy
see what they're saying:

I had my braces removed a year ago and wanted to whiten my teeth as soon as possible. I decided to go for the 24K gold treatment, and the results were UNBELIEVABLE. My teeth got six shades whiter in around 40 minutes! A true game-changer.

Anna | York Region

WOW... I am speechless. Using the 24K gold treatment was such a great choice. It's a relaxing and safe experience. I sat back and watched my favorite TV show throughout the whole treatment. I look and feel fantastic with my new white smile. Thank you, PureImage.

Mary | D.D.O

No brainer! I always wanted a bright white smile and healthy-looking teeth. My teeth went from yellowish to super white in 2 sessions. You guys are amazing, friendly staff and a well-explained procedure. You did a fantastic job. I'm super happy!

Jessica | TMR

Your smile will make you smile for years to come! The solution is GOLD!
What are you waiting for?

The Pure Image Advanced 35% CP LUXE 24K GOLD Teeth Whitening Gel’s immediate and remarkable results for your teeth, will make it hard not to smile!

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