How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business

If you love making people smile, this is the business for you!

Cosmetic teeth whitening has been around for decades but only recently has it become more affordable due to the influx of cosmetic dental bleaching products on the market.

Choosing the right teeth whitening gels and LED laser accelerator light, as well as proper training, is essential to the success of your business. Most professional operators will notice that a quality teeth whitening gel that has been vetted in combination with a pre-whitening dental stain remover prior to whitening are the most effective combinations for great results.

You want to look out for charlatan companies promising you unrealistic results, returns, and purchase price of their products.
Being budget conscious when starting any business is always important, but going the cheapest route is not always the best solution in the long run. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Items used, for example, MUST be disposable for strict hygiene norms and this is how some unscrupulous companies come in cheap by recycling certain items under the pretext they can be disinfected… that is a big NO.

Teeth whitening is noninvasive and perfectly safe when administered by a trained technician. There are no adverse effects to the enamel when applied to normal healthy teeth.

Almost everyone can get their teeth whitened provided their teeth are in good condition. Most treatment processes are about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Teeth whitening is not permanent so it needs to be maintained and then repeated once or even twice a year.

Most foods and beverages our teeth are exposed to, such as coffee, tea, and wine, will stain our enamel, as well as smoking and other agents.
It is always recommended to maintain your beautiful white smile with one of many products available such as home whitening kits, touch up pens, vitamin enriched whitening toothpaste, organic activated charcoal powder, and even coconut oil based toothpaste.

In essence, top quality products, training, and equipment will always deliver quality results and happy customers!


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