Oral Brush-Ups Teeth Cleaners (Qty: 200)


Oral Brush-Ups Teeth Cleaners:

  • Disposable, textured teeth wipes comfortably fits most finger sizes for a precise clean
  • Material acts as moisture barrier between your finger and mouth
  • Simple and easy to use prior to a treatment to remove any surface dirt from teeth
  • Starting a treatment with clean teeth allows for maximum penetration of the whitening gel
  • Sold in bulk, 200 come in each box, may be sold individually, please inquire
  • Mint flavor leaves clients mouths and breath feeling clean and fresh

How to use:

  1. Open envelope and remove wipe
  2. Slip wipe on index finger with longer side toward palm and shorter white surface covers nail
  3. Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with longer side of wipe
  4. Remove wipe from finger and dispose of properly